Pregnancy Diaries | First Trimester

The great thirst

The first trimester is such a quandry – you feel like sludge yet you can’t tell anyone why you’re turning from shades of green to ghost-white. When I was pregnant with Thomas, I was a little tired and occasionally felt a little queasy … this time, it’s been much much different. My energy level is […]

Pregnancy Diaries | Surprise!


I’ve been a little lax in keeping up this blog lately because I have been going to sleep by 8:00pm… my entire first trimester! Yes, that’s correct, just like Kate Middleton, I’m pregnant with our second child! So, this will be the start of my pregnancy diaries. I plan to keep it up weekly, but […]

An Update in Photos: Greenbrier and Popsicles by the Pool.


I really don’t have many words lately which is why I’ve just been blank on this blog… Will started a new job, I’ve been going to bed early, we went to WV, and Thomas learned to swim and touch the bottom of the pool. Those aren’t excuses for my neglect… just a quick summary! Now, […]

Gardening with Great Grandmother


We’re in WV this week visiting family and off to the Greenbrier for a few days (yay!) It’s been an annual trip – Will, my dad and our friend Reid ride in a MS bike ride from the Greenbrier to Snowshoe. I fully support this race since I get to spend a few days at […]

Visit with BFF, Jellyfish Sting, & a Waterslide


We had an unexpectedly busy weekend – usually we plan one or two activities, but we had something all weekend long. It was a blast – but I am exhausted. My BFF from high school was in town, and we spent Saturday morning on the beach with her family. Her daughter is a little older […]

Snacks on the Go Prevent “Hangry” Reactions


Full disclosure: Balance bar provided me a gift box with Balance Bars to try for this review. As always, thoughts and opinions are my own. Also, the “hangry” reactions are also unfortunately due to my own life experiences! Ever heard of the term “hangry?” It’s a clever combination of the words “angry” and “hungry” and […]