The most comfortable stylish flats I’ve ever owned.


The second I tried these shoes on, I looked up in surprise, and said “woah! these are COMFORTABLE!” and I wanted to buy every pair. Since my husband was peering at the back of my head, sending me ESP messages that included “I really want to leave this store” and “don’t spend too much money,” […]

Perhaps asking about the Easter Bunny prior to the Target trip would have been wise.

"Get your hand and foot out of my shot!" I wanted t say, but didn't. #photographercontrolissues

Like 95% of the parents in Myrtle Beach today, my husband went to Target this morning to pick up Easter basket supplies. The 5% of parents that did not go to Target this morning and were prepared, must have vivid memories of the chaos from the previous year that an Easter weekend brings to a […]

This is bossy.

Bossy Blue

When my blog friends created This is Bossy, I thought yes, I have something to say about this. This whole ban bossy business is kind of weird to me. Have you heard about this campaign, the latest from the Lean In Lady? She feels that girls are discouraged from being leaders when they assert themselves […]

World’s Toughest Job: Advertising mixed with reality TV makes for a brilliant viral video.

world's toughest job

In case you haven’t seen this video, please take a moment to watch – but DO NOT SCROLL DOWN until you’ve seen it, please. This is a skype or facetime job interview. Here is the article in Adweek that explains the details and lists the credits for the video. Seriously. Don’t read any further. Watch […]

Rare siting of mom with child actually in the photo at Salty Dog Cafe in Hilton Head.

Salty Dog Cafe

Moms, how often are you actually in photos? I am RARELY in a photo. I’m like Chandler in that episode of Friends … but I do want proof that I actually was present on all of these trips so I handed my camera over to actually be in the photo and am so happy with […]

Visiting Hilton Head: Large un-snapping turtles & an evening in Harbour Town

Stacking turtles

We are visiting Hilton Head and arrived yesterday. Thomas and Grandaddy found two large turtles in the lagoon behind our villa, and as you can imagine, for our 4 year old, it was really really REALLY fun to carry it around. These were not snapping turtles. According to a text from my husband, they are […]