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Sleep, baby, sleep: the only thing you need in the crib.

The only thing I keep in her crib is her, wrapped in a SleepSack. No blankets, toys, or even crib bumpers. Her crib is naked. There are several reasons for this, however, I actually like it bare. It’s clean. And we have white zip-off sheets and a white crib. Plain against a bright yellow wall. Baby girl slept like a champ for the first three months

Rodney Strong Tasting Room

Good Taste Guide to Wine

  Wine oh wine. Our good taste in wine comes by professionally: my husband sells it, and actually knows what he’s talking about when he describes a wine and can tell you about the region, terroir, and uses phrases like “on the nose” without sounding like a total goober. Me? I just enjoy the fine wines he recommends and tag along on fabulous trips to


Delivered: 5 Subscription Services Worth Trying.

Subscription services are all the rage – what’s not to love about getting a surprise package in the mail? –  and you can even search YouTube for “unboxing” videos to see what is in the month’s box. My favorite is Long Story Short with Megan and Wendy – the videos are short and fun to watch! I’ve gotten suckered into trying most of these services, so

Good Taste Guides