“It’s Mine! The Selfish Gene – Article in the Wall Street Journal

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I found this article very very interesting so I wanted to share. Some people somewhere who had funding from something conducted a study about kids and generosity. Maybe you should read the real article for the study explanation. So they gave kids stickers and told them they could share them with kids that did not have stickers or keep them. Some gave away their stickers and some kept them. And that’s what this article is about. Interesting, right? And how do you encourage your child to be in Group Share instead of Group Hoarder?? Just a snippet from the article:

“While genetics may play a part in people’s willingness to share, environmental influences from home, school and the world at large may play a larger role, social scientists say. That can be useful for parents since even children too young to talk seem able to absorb and imitate acts of empathy and generosity.

Positive reinforcement can help cultivate generous behaviors. Upon witnessing generosity in a child, a parent should resist any impulse to bestow a gift and instead offer praise of the child’s character as well as his behavior. “If you tell a kid he’s a generous person, he’s more likely to act generously again than if you buy him a toy,” Dr. Eisenberg says.”
Read the entire article here. And I’d love to hear your opinion… comment below!

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