Turn your blog into a book. will turn your blog into a book. Or your Instagram Photos. Or your facebook photos. Or just your photo photos.

If a website could fist-pump, would be The Man.  This site lets you do it all: turn your social media into a printed book. And you can sell* it.

*Great option if you have family that wants a photo book… but you don’t want to pay for 10 expensive photo books.  They can click on your link and purchase their own. #awkwardnessavoided

I just spent about 30 minutes turning my personal blog,, into a photobook.  I realized a few things during this process: 1) It is a da** good thing I blog, because I would forget a lot if I didn’t.  2) It’s possible that my compulsion to chronicle all of life’s little details may be a bit much: I turned my summer (like, from June until yesterday) into a “small” photobook. 80 pages.

PLUS the free downloadable book creation app is called Booksmart. Clever. And it is very easy to use. So it’s good-looking and smart.


  1. I use Blogger for but Blurb will import Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal and TypePad.  It took a few (like 2) minutes to import all 200+ posts. Then I got to choose which posts to use in the book.
  2. I used the automatic option, which laid out the entire book. You can also choose each post and create your own page. That seemed like it would try my patience, so I opted for the easy option. And it was easy.
  3. I chose the small, square book. Most of my photos were to low resolution for the larger book, but when I switched to the “small square” almost all were fine.
  4. has a VERY simple feature to fix the photos that are too low resolution to print (it gives you an exclamation triangle alert in Booksmart) – if you click on the triangle exclamation point, a window pops up with all of the “errors” listed… scroll to the bottom and there is an option that says “fix all photos.” I did not notice this at first… and started to fix all of the photos individually. You don’t have to. IT IS SO SIMPLE!

and look… a deal:


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