Daddy’s Day in Charge.

Yesterday, I had to work, so Will was in charge of all activities for the entire afternoon. He is fully capable of handling this on his own, so I didn’t prepare for it in any way. I think other wives probably buy and wrap the birthday gifts for parties, make sure the diaper bag is fully stocked, give lists of instructions … not me: if I can handle a 2 year old by myself for a day, so can he. About 10 minutes after he left me to attend a birthday party, I got the following text:

  • No diapers on van. Bothered.

The pretty turquoise Scout Junque Trunk that I keep in my mini van was sitting in the garage, cleaned out and re-stocked after one of us (not me) took it out of the mini van. Oops.  

What happened next may win him Dad/Husband of the Year: After getting diapers, he stopped by Toys R Us for the birthday gift (which, by the way, I told him I’d take care of next week) He described the experience as “not a good idea” and Thomas “played with soccer balls in the aisle” but they had a good time. He was able to purchase a gift: a really awesome light-up, noise-making chainsaw that my husband described as “so cool I wanted one.” It must have been quite the gift because I got a text message from my friend later with her son holding it and wearing the faux safety goggles that came with the chainsaw set saying he loved it, and another one today saying that he slept with it. I have a feeling there will be a light-up, noise-making chainsaw in our future: either as payback from my friend or my husband is going to go buy one for himself under the guise as a gift for Thomas.

 They played at the party, ate dinner, and came home. By the time I came home, they were winding down for reading books/night-night negotiation (why don’t children want to sleep? This article, Putting My Kids to Bed: A Game of Whack-A-Mole made me laugh.) I put him to bed, and the day was done. All survived, all happy. And since I’m a strong believer in the concept/book Good Enough is the New Perfect, here are two reasons why I don’t feel guilty about not fully preparing him for this day’s worth of excursions:

1. I may not be perfect, but I don’t need to be: my husband can tackle an afternoon and social event solo without any sort of planning by me.

2. From this point forward, my husband is in charge of gifts. I would have gotten something boring and lame. Moms, I want to know: do you handle all of the planning or is it a team effort when it comes to social activities?

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