Our Love Story. [Part 1]

Just Friends, 1994

I fell in love with my husband the day I met him and that is not a lie – or even an exaggeration. Ask my BFF Lara, she was there. Will has this welcoming, genuine, funny personality that is a magnet to anyone that meets him – especially me.

I was 15 and wearing a yellowish dress with black flowers, had a full face of braces, and was really skinny when I wanted curves (I curse that stupid wish!). He was 16, had shaggy longish hair, no braces, was very cute and wore preppy clothes. He made me laugh. I was smitten.

We were in summer school together at Woodberry Forest. We took Spanish that summer – and became the best of friends. He had a girlfriend and I was a total dweeb, so it took any chance of romance out of the equation. We had chocolate chip cookie dough milkshakes at the Fir Tree, rollerbladed up and down the hills, played tennis and ultimate frisbee, and went camping. We spent every day together for 6 weeks, and I spent every day happy. One day, he talked me into skipping class and having a milkshake. Scandalous. Somehow, he charmed the teacher out of punishing us because we were “just finishing our ice cream and had lost track of time”. She bought it – or pretended to.

Bangs & Braces.

¬†Will makes everything fun: he has a sense of humor that diffuses any negativity, is enthusiastic about everything, always has something positive to say, and makes everyone he encounters feel welcome. He is a person that finds the positive in every situation and tunes out the negative. He is also really funny – like LOL funny, and that summer, I knew I’d met someone amazing. Every guy I met from 1994 until 2004 was compared (and failed) to Will.

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