Kiwi Crate launches “The Studio”: DIY Projects.

In The Studio, you will find loads of kid-friendly projects from Halloween crafts, kid-friendly recipes, science experiments, and more.


I love DIY projects. Ok, that's a fib. I like really really super simple DIY projects that don't call for specialized scissors and an art degree. And Kiwi Crate, the company that will send you fun, interactive crafts for your kids in the mail (therefore allowing you to skip a trip to Michaels with a long list of random, hard-to-find supplies), has curated a very cool DIY projects site with easy and simple projects for kids. My favorite? The make your own jet pack project. And I'm not sure who would love a jet pack more: my 2 year old or my husband. I actually think it may be my husband!

Message from Kiwi Crate: Kiwi Crate, the award winning children's creativity company, just launched The Studio – filled with loads of kid friendly projects like Halloween crafts, Thanksgiving crafts, kid-friendly recipes, two-ingredient projects, and more. Each project has simple step-by-step instructions and nice large images to guide you.Check it out !


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  1. jfmom

    October 19, 2012 at 11:14 pm

    I am always looking for great craft ideas. I recently found this Make Your Own Game Kit, which is a great project for a rainy day.
    I will definitely check out Kiwi Crate too- thanks!

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