Mini Kickboard Scooter


My son is extremely agile and shows great athletic promise, and I can confirm this based on positive comments from trained professionals (friends, people at the playground, grandparents and teachers).

It was no surprise that he hopped right on this little scooter and took off like he had taken a semester of Scooter 101. Today his friend (2) hopped on this little scooter for the first time and he took off like a pro, too. This is a great little scooter and is something easy and fun for per-schoolers.

The mini kick Scooter is available on Amazon, and I highly recommend if you have an active pre-schooler!


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  1. Peel & Slice Vegetables Toy Set is fun!

    January 19, 2013 at 3:53 am

    […] you are probably wondering, “what was the winning gift this year?” It was the mini Kickboard scooter…which has to go everywhere we go on the weekends. He is so skilled at the little scooter, […]

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