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Let me just ease your mind if you are a first-time mom: I had very little experience changing a diaper, until the day I brought an infant home. Little, as in once. A few weeks prior to giving birth, I babysat for a friend and changed his diaper. That was the extent of my experience, unless you count the rare instances in high school when I babysat.  I had no idea that a diaper changing table needed a pad or what diapers to buy.

SO. Don’t worry. You’ll get it.  The day before I gave birth, my friend came over and give me a list of things I needed to stock the diaper changing table so I had a little bit of help.  I hope this list helps for you. These basic supplies you need to keep on hand to change diapers:

Everything You Need to Change a Diaper

what you need for your diaper changing table

1. Wipes: I personally like the Pampers Sensitive Wipes the best.  I still have them on the Amazon Mom Subscribe & Save every 3 months.  Also, you’ll find wipes come in many a non-diaper-changing occasion and you should also have a travel case like the cute Skip Hop Swipe Baby Wipes Case for your diaper bag.

2. Diaper Genie: You will need some sort of trash receptacle close to the diaper changing station to toss diapers.  I did not purchase the diaper genie and purchased a really terrible diaper pale, and it is such a horrible contraption, I’ve elaborated below* so you will not make this same mistake.

3. Changing Pad: You will need comfy a spot to change the baby. This goes on top of the changing table, and you should have 3 or more changing pad covers.

4.  Diapers: You’ll go through a lot of these. I never even considered non-disposable diapers, so I’m not going to pretend to know a thing about them.  We started out with Pampers Swaddlers, and then liked Huggies when he moved into Size 3s.  I blogged about it here.

5. Vaseline: Especially if you have a boy, you will need lots of vaseline on hand.  Especially when he is an infant and if you get him circumcised, the Vaseline will be essential to his care.  I liked the tubes better than the jar.

6. A&D Ointment: is my favorite baby rash and all-purpose skin ointment.  Anytime my baby has anything that looks like a skin irritation, I dab a little A&D ointment on it and it clears right up.  I preferred this over the other diaper rash ointments, and thought it cleared up any irritation much quicker than the others.

The Diaper Pale NOT to Buy

*Do NOT, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, get the Baby Trend Diaper Champ Deluxe.

It is awful, awful, horrendous, awful and I cannot believe I didn’t replace it three years ago.  The thing is obnoxious. It gets stuck if more than one diaper is in the stupid contraption, it smells, and is in general, much worse than a regular trash can.  Don’t get it.  I’ve heard the diaper genie is truly miraculous, and if you order the inserts on Amazon, it’s the best diaper disposal method:

I was hesitant to get one because I wanted a pale that used regular trash bags. That was stupid. You can subscribe & save on Amazon, and you don’t even need to think about re-ordering inserts because Amazon will do it for you.

Tip: Save on Diapers & Wipes with Amazon Mom

I mentioned it above, but if definitely check out Amazon Mom.  You save 20% on diapers and wipes by joining… and I cannot say enough good things about the Subscribe & Save program. You can update your order anytime (like when baby outgrows Size 1 and moves into Size 2 much quicker than anticipated) or when you run low on wipes and need to order sooner than your delivery date… it’s easy: you can update, cancel, delay, or “order now” anytime.  There isn’t a commitment  it’s just really convenient.  And believe me: having diapers and wipes delivered to your door AND saving 20% is a Amazin’. Ha. Had to do it. Get it? Play on words?? Not funny? Ok. Well, it really is a great program.

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