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How to Write Thank You Notes for Baby Gifts.

how to write thank you notes for baby gifts

How to write thank you notes for baby gifts


The last time you had a million thank you notes to write all at one time, you were a newlywed with free time. Now you’re a mom with very little free time!

I get it… staying on top of writing thank you notes is challenging. There are a few things I’ve found helpful to stay on top of writing thank you notes for baby gifts – having note cards handy to write the notes, keeping the list organized and an easy outline of what to say in each thank you note (feel free to copy my sample notes!).

Let’s start with a selection of cute thank you note cards to keep on hand to write thank you notes after baby showers and after your baby’s arrival…


Order Thank You Note Cards

First, the fun part! Selecting a cute thank you note card can be difficult because there are so many adorable options! The thank you is from you, not the baby, so I like thank you cards personalized with my name or initials.

gold thank you note

Gilded Ikat Personalized Note Cards

Minted offers shiny, gold foil notecards in a variety of designs. Why not ikat?


Minted Brand Badge

Minted has a gorgeous collection of styles and their printing and paper quality are impeccable.  Always unique & chic.


thank you notecards

Either over-order personalized stationery or stock up on regular thank you notes – chances are, you’ll have a long list of thank you notes to write and you don’t want to run out of cards.



I have ordered invitations and thank you note cards from TinyPrints and I have always been impressed. They have very pretty, modern designs, thick paper and great print quality.



I love the preppy collection of flat note cards from Shutterfly, and have ordered them in many styles.  They have many choices of personalized note cards – some whimsical, some with photos, and some classic.



Keep Track of your Baby Gift List.

gold notebook
The Ancient Method Known as Pen & Paper

Mommy Brain is real condition, causing you to forget everything unless you write it down. I kept a running list of people that gave us gifts and checked them off when the thank you note was complete.



Truly, it’s a wonder. This simple app lets your organize your task list – and thank you notes – with sublists, reminders, photos, and notes. It’s my favorite task / to do / project app. (And I have tried them all.)




Write the Thank You Note for Baby Gift

levenger pen
Consider a fountain pen or rollerball.

There is a noticeable difference when writing with a nice pen. Whether it’s roller ball or a fountain pen, using a pen with solid ink will make your handwriting stand out on the paper. This Levenger Fountain Pen is a smooth writing pen with a good weight, and my go-to pen to use when I write a handwritten thank you note.


levenger ink

If you’re going to have a fountain pen, you need to fill it with ink in order for it to write. Levenger’s Cobalt Blue is a vibrant blue and stands out on stationery – but that’s only one of the many colors available.


Sample Baby Thank You Note

I think a personal thank you note is best. Here’s a sample of a baby gift thank you note to give you some inspiration:

Dear Shelley Ann,

Thank you so much for stopping by to visit us! It was so much fun to see you, and we really appreciated the casserole you brought us for dinner. It was delicious! You were so sweet to bring a teething ring for Thomas – it’s so pretty, I have it on display in nursery until the time comes when he needs to use it (and I’m sure you’ll get a call from me asking for advice when he starts teething!) We are so blessed to have friends like you to help celebrate this special time in our life. We hope to see you again soon.


 Thank You Note Writing Tips


  • Say Thank You: Some people say to not start off with a thank you, but it is what it is: a Thank You note. I think adding personal touches throughout the thank you note will make the person feel special. I disagree with this rule, but if you feel like you need to start off with something other than “thank you”.
  • Be specific: Do NOT make it so generic you don’t identify the baby gift! Specifically thank the person for the gift they gave.
  • Unless, of course, you can’t remember what they gave. Then thank them for either visiting or taking the time to send you a baby gift to cover it up: “You were so sweet to stop by our house and bring us a baby gift! We enjoyed catching up, and I really appreciated the tips you gave me on a feeding schedule.” or “Thank you so much for sending us a baby gift! We were so excited to hear from you, and really appreciate your thoughtfulness. We are so lucky to have friends like you to surprise us with gifts in the mail! We hope to see you very soon.”
  • Include a sentence about how you will use the baby gift. People love to hear that you think their gift is needed, cute, and useful – write a line about little Sally wearing the newborn nightgown the night she came home from the hospital, and the recipient will be thrilled.
  • How to write a non-tacky thank you note for a money gift: If they give money or a gift card, and you don’t want to say something tacky like “Thanks for the cash, we will think of you when we spend it” – write something like “Thank you so much for the generous gift from Amazon. We purchased a baby monitor and love it.”
  • Wrap it up with something like “We really appreciate your thoughtfulness” or “We are so blessed to have friends/family like you in our lives to celebrate this special time.”
  • Are you an overachiever? Include a photo with your thank you note. I love taking pictures, and I tried to get a picture of everyone that visited. I was a total overachiever with thank you notes while I was on maternity leave and printed off photos with our baby with the gift or the person if they visited. That was very impressive, and I still can’t believe I actually did that. It was much appreciated by the people that received them.


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