Appy New Year: Apps to track this year’s Resolutions.

 The following article is featured in the January Edition of Momtastic Magazine

Now the holidays are over, and it’s time to get ready for an organized, stylish, fun-filled and fabulous 2013.  For the month of January, we’ll all have to endure the barrage of gym, fitness programs, and weight loss commercials forcing us to consider putting together a list of New Year’s Resolutions.  No matter your resolutions, there is an app for each one.  Here are some popular New Year’s Resolutions and my picks for iPhone and iPad Apps to help you keep track of your goals (until you abandon them mid-January like everyone else):


1. Get Organized: Do you have mommy brain? I certainly do, which means I need to carefully track all of my work projects, grocery lists, birthday party gifts, and random To Dos.  I discovered Producteev and it completely revolutionized my very long task list. The app allows you to organize each group of tasks in categories, and then lets you add notes and “subtasks” for each project.  So, I can keep track of all of the marketing projects, meetings, grocery lists, and the fact that I need stamps for Christmas thank you notes all in one little program that I can access from my iPhone, desktop, and online.  Plus, you can prioritize all of your To Dos with pretty stars based on what needs to get accomplished first. Ta da! So simple. You don’t need to rely on your brain any longer to keep all of the details in order. Producteev – Cross Platform and Free Task Management – Producteev Inc. available in iTunes store.


2. Teach your child shapes: Do you have an iPad? I used to, until I started downloading apps for our 2 year old.  Now he has an iPad and I get to watch over his shoulder, marveling at the way he can operate it.  He has a lot of favorite apps, but one of his favorites (and mine, too) is the PB Shapes app.  It features a colorful picture and your child is tasked with finding all of the featured shape from each picture (find all of the squares or circles, for example.) Each screen features a different shape and has a brief tutorial about each shape.  It is educational and entertaining! PB Shapes Lite – Spur Design is available in the iTunes store.


3. Lose Weight:  Studies* show that keeping a food journal is a big instigator to weight loss because it helps you make better choices.  My Net Diary Pro is a food journal app that allows you to keep track of calories by meal and exercises, and gives you a target calorie allowance for each day to help you reach your target weight goal.  It’s very simple, easy to use, and makes keeping a journal very easy on your iPhone. *One WebMD article cites a study that shows women who kept a food journal lost more weight than those that did not. Calorie Counter PRO by MyNetDiary – MyNetDiary Inc is available in the iTunes store.


4. Plan your Meals: The daily 4pm panic call “WHAT IS FOR DINNER” could possibly be alleviated if you use the Meal Board app which allows you to choose recipes for each meal of the week. Then, it magically creates one grocery list based on the recipes you are making from your plan. There are some recipes pre-loaded and you can choose from your favorite recipe sites or just create one in the app.  It’s a great app to organize meals and grocery shopping.

dslr camera tutorial app

5. Learn something new: Betterbook offers iPad and iPhone tutorials on cool subjects like Wine and How to Use Your DSLR Camera.  They are interactive apps with videos, photos, and different chapters that make learning the subject fun and engaging.

Happy Appy New Year!


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