Knot Clothing & Belt Co. from Charleston SC

Knot Clothing & Belt Co. makes preppy belts that are Made in the USA (yay!), and just launched a Kickstarter campaign to expand the company. I am fascinated with this whole funding concept, and y'all know I love anything preppy, so I asked the owner if he'd tell me about it to share with my readers!

About the company:

(From Nick, the owner) Essentially, I started Knot Clothing & Belt Co. in July 2009. I grew up on the lake and on the golf course back home in upstate New York. I always wore ribbon belts, was known for the go to hell shorts and pants I always wore, and simply loved the casual preppy lifestyle. After graduating from college I found myself in a black suit, boring white shirt and basically a dead end job and knew I wouldn't be able to do this the rest of my life. I saved up some money, created a first run of ribbon belts and the brand was born.

Eventually, I had to quit my corporate job to run Knot full time and this is why I'm launching a Kickstarter campaign. Every dollar earned has gone back into the company and to keep bills covered. I've sold thousands of belts over the past few years and now it is time to go bigger, introduce more products and really get out into the retail scene as opposed to being mainly online and in only a handful of stores.

Everything is made in the USA and while this is very expensive, it is a huge detail I would never change. Most of the $28k we are trying to raise will be for production costs alone for store orders and pre-orders. I'm confident that if our campaign is fully funded, Knot will become a household name within the next year!

The full details are here, which I explain my video on Kickstarter:

You can also follow on Twitter @knotbeltco and shop online at



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