In the diaper bag: Dining Out

pink lining diaper bag

The dining experience used to be about the atmosphere, service, food quality and menu variety. Dining with a child under the age of 3 is much different experience: a good dining experience requires speediness of food delivery and check delivery in addition to having enough supplies to keep your child entertained. Here is what is in my diaper bag when I'm planning on dining out:

  1. Pink Lining's Poppins bag is the perfect tote to take on weekend outings with your child
  2. Camelbak Kid's Bottle – love this no-spill alternative to a sippy cup!
  3. Activities: Sticker book, toys, iPad.
  4. Snacks for pre-snacking. Pirates Booty, Ellas, and maybe some gummy worms in case of emergency
  5. Of course, diaper changing supplies if yours is still in diapers

The other essentials I usually carry with me everywhere:

  • My Lilly Wallet: love it because it has a little pouch for my iPhone
  • Point & Shoot camera: I love to take around my DSLR but sometimes it's just silly to carry such a bulky camera.




  1. […] This is a cute and colorful tote with all of the diaper changing essentials you’ll need: a nice diaper pad for public restrooms, plenty of pockets for bottles or sippy cups, diapers, and wipes, and a zip pocket for easy access for your wallet, phone, hand sanitizer and camera.  I love this bag and use it on the weekends! We usually stick our iPad in it if we’re dining out. You can read my review of this diaper bag and what I like to bring when we dine out with our toddler. […]

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