Keeping it Classy at Work: Handwritten Notes.


I love receiving handwritten notes, don’t you? Getting a piece of mail that isn’t typed in a letter-sized envelope and has the address handwritten is the first thing to stand out in a stack of mail that includes large-size postcards with sale information, catalogs, and bills. Who is it from? What will it say? It’s […]

Tomato, Sliced Garlic, Basil & Mozzerella Pasta


Will was out of town last week, so I took full advantage and made a few recipes I knew he wouldn’t love, like this heirloom tomato pasta recipe from Plated. I ordered two of the meals this week (green goddess chicken and steak skewers! Yum, can’t wait!), but didn’t get this one delivered. Have you […]

Shoes the Cool Kids Will Wear: Robot Shoes.

Brookgreen visit

You blink and they grow up… sniff, sniff, sob… Or more like it: we blink and he’s UP ANOTHER SHOE SIZE?? Feet outgrow shoes at such a rapid pace, we’re pretty much buying a size larger so they will fit by the time they arrive in the mail. And if you order from Zappos like […]

Tasty & Easy Lunch Idea: Avocado Toast.

avocado toast

I’m always curious what people eat for snacks and lunches, so I quizzed my friend in Richmond while staying with her and she enlightened me on this snack / lunch and this is my new favorite for a few reasons: It’s tasty, I love avocados, and it’s really simple. Sidenote – a funny conversation with […]

A Visit to See Butterflies at Brookgreen.

Brookgreen visit

I’m solo this weekend. Will is on a trip to California texting me photos of dinners created by private chefs in vineyards, so it’s mother/son weekend. After listing all of the options, (play with friends at the pool, build sandcastles on the beach, see alligators at the state park, or visit Brookgreen), he chose “brookgreen” […]

A Time-saving Trick for Making Smoothies.

Green Smoothie

One of my friends had a brilliant time-saving trick for making smoothies, and it only takes about 5 minutes of weekly prep. Separate all of your smoothie ingredients into individual baggies and store them in the freezer, so when you’re bleary-eyed prior to your first cup of coffee in the morning, all you have to […]

Homemade Ice Cream & an Ice Cream Maker Giveaway


One healthy living book I read had great advice: eat what you want, but start with whole ingredients and make it yourself. So if you want ice cream, take the time to make it yourself with real ingredients, and it will be that much sweeter after you’ve made the effort. I have no idea what […]