Playtime with Rock & Ball Toy.


First… let’s all admire that sweet little head full of peach fuzz. My son (5) calls it “peach hair.” Ha! Now, on to the subject of baby toys. When you have toys strewn all over the house, it’s best if they aren’t unsightly. (TOY MANUFACTURERS PLEASE MAKE A LESS UGLY EXERSAUCER! YOU’LL MAKE A FORTUNE.) I try to buy toys that are 1) safe, obviously

Everything You Need for Baby | the 3 – 6 Months Edition


Well, we’re nearing the end of the 3-6 month stage. Hopefully it won’t take me three months to write this post like it did for me to write the Newborn Instruction Manual for Soon-to-be-Parents. Blog note tangent: I’ve gotten into using Photoshop and Canva for these collages – I hope you like them. It took me two hours to figure out how to get text

Ballers & Mumm Napa Brut Rose (#Baller)

august weekend - 3

HAVE YOU SEEN BALLERS? Yes? Let’s be best friends. No? Stop what you’re doing (after you read this scintillating blog post about wine) and tune into HBO Now for the delight that is Ballers. I’m assuming this is what the legions loved about Entourage. (Never watched it. Must have been the years we refused to upgrade to premium channels.) The characters are football stars with

Smock Down: Great Deals on Posh Baby Girl Attire.

smocked pink footie

Shopping for baby clothes is so much fun. I loved dressing my little boy… but a girl is a whole new world. An expensive new world. Now, I’m not in the realm of considering $1825 for a Dolce & Gabbana lace cocktail dress for my baby girl who grows out of her dresses every other week… but sales are crucial so I don’t have to sacrifice

Preppy Paper Placemats to Style Up Your Next Party.

preppy paper placemats

Perfect for a party or everyday use, these preppy paper placemats are the new cocktail napkin – adding pretty patterns and colors to your table setting, and great for an easy clean-up! These would also make an excellent hostess gift or fun surcee for a friend. Preppy Paper Placemats 01. The Pink Flamingo Duh. Because Pink Flamingos are always awesome. Buy a few of these to keep on