Making Pancakes

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For years, I’ve wanted this pancake thing that squirts out even amounts of batter. In my organization shopping spree at Target, in which I bought two entire shopping carts worth of bins to organize the garage that looks like a hoarder’s daydream, I saw it and sneaked it into the cart, and the next morning, […]

Making Money with a Blog |

Best Day Planners

After the success of this holiday season where I actually made money from using affiliate marketing in a blog, I’m now on a roll to find new projects. (read my original post, Making Money with a Blog: Sponsored Posts & Creating a Niche Affiliate Marketing Website, if you’re curious.) So, full disclosure, I did […]

Disney’s New iPad App, Mickey’s Magical Math World for Kids with Disney Imagicademy for Parents is a Must-Download.


From the moment I downloaded the new¬†Mickey’s Magical Math World, my child (4) was captivated by the game. Usually, he plays a game for a few minutes and then switches to another, or abandons sitting still altogether (usually when I’m nice and relaxed) and opts to bounce from the ottoman to the sofa, but this […]