Gifts for Wine Lovers


Need to buy gifts for wine lovers in your life? These recommendations will absolutely make anyone that loves wine happy – I know this, because I love wine, and these gifts would make me very happy, even though I currently have to abstain from the fruits of California Wine Country. Or, you can just add […]

In Photos: A Game of Tennis


We visited West Virginia for a few days, and my dad, an avid tennis player, took Thomas to the tennis court on a pretty sunny day. (Today, in WV, it snowed. Glad we were there when it was sunny!) This post is mostly for my mother, who refuses to get on facebook, and asked me […]

The Switch Witch


  Have you heard of the Switch Witch? It’s a brilliant mom-plot to get rid of Halloween candy, and I was reminded of this mythical creature from a story in the Wall Street Journal, “Parents Trick Children Out of Halloween Candy.” I tested the story out in the car-ride home on Thursday to see if […]

In Photos: Halloween

CDM Halloween Harvest

  For the past year or so, Thomas’s favorite TV show is Max & Ruby, and we have watched each episode about 30 hundred times. A few months ago, after watching the Halloween episode, he decided he wanted to be a vampire for Halloween. It turns out, this was a very cheap costume to assemble, […]