The ideal temperature to serve Chardonnay.

ideal temperature for chardonnay-1

The other night, I put a bottle of J Vineyards Chardonnay in the fridge so we could enjoy it while watching our new favorite series on HBO Now, Bored to Death. It was not completely cold by the time we opened it and it was fantastic. The next night, when I had another glass and it was completely cold, it was not nearly as good. My

The best camera is the one with you.


Every single day when we pick up Thomas from “Mama Lee’s”, he requests we drive down “Horse Road,” which is 38th Avenue in Myrtle Beach. Horses live there. He’s named them: Puddin’ is the baby, Ham is the daddy, Butterscotch is the mommy, and Bob is the friend. Today, we got to feed the horses carrots. To be more specific, these were beautiful, photogenic organic

In Photos: A Day Trip to Georgetown, S.C.

Georgetown Harborwalk

A Sunday with no obligations. Intentionally planned: nothing planned. It’s rare, isn’t it?               Then we stopped off for sweets at the Hammock Shops in Pawleys Island on our way back.   All photos taken with my Fuji x100s. Edited in Apple Photos. Still pleased with my decision to shoot in JPG and edit in Photos, btw.¬†

The coolest thing to do with your Instagram photos.


Composing a pretty photo in a little tiny square to share on Instagram is certainly wildly popular in internet land, and a fun challenge for a photographer. Here’s a pressing question: what to do with those little square images after you’ve posted them on Instagram? I researched a lot of different options – and there are certainly a million things you can do with photos –

Beer Taste Test Showdown: The Best Hefeweizen to Drink this Summer.

best hefeweizen

ISO: the best Hefeweizen Not that anyone has placed this wanted ad, but I’m here to respond. I’ve done the research and found the best Hefeweizen, for you, dear readers. Aren’t I so very thoughtful? Hefeweizens are my favorite beer for the summer. Light, refreshing, and a little citrusy – they are a great beer to pair with light, grilled dinners. Also, wings, pizza, pork