Home Alone.


Thomas is on vacation with Grandaddy & Gran Shan this week in Topsail Beach, and Will and I do not know what to do with this free time, and can’t remember what in the world we did before we became parents. I’m sure any parent can relate to the novelty of freedom we are currently […]

The Ultimate Grilling Organizer: Quirky’s Porter


Quirky offered to send me this grilling organizer to review, and I jumped at the chance. Compartments! It stacks! Everything you could possibly need for a grilled meal is included in this kitchen organizer! I would have tried to pass this off as a gift for my husband, the griller in the family, but since […]

“Look at my new alligator raincoat!”


Getting packages in the mail is a big deal in our house. I recently ordered razors from Amazon, and because they were delivered in the mail, Thomas thought they were special, and handed the box to me like it contained a diamond tennis bracelet, and not ridiculously expensive razor blades encased in soap (because using […]

Swiff the Night Away: Tricking kids to do the housework.

Get to work, toddler.

Two of these giant green boxes with cleaning supplies showed up on my doorstep last week from Swiffer. Ordinarily, I would never get excited about cleaning supplies but Swiffer is in a little bit different category – I think because it’s so easy and disposable, the minimal amount of effort needed to swiff is not […]

A mom-made travel case to keep your kids entertained on an airplane.


This travel case was inspired by a mom traveling with her kids on an airplane – you know the drill, as a mom, it’s your sole responsibility to make sure your children, no matter how old they are, are nearly silent so they do not disturb other passengers. Armed with toys, devices, snacks, and activities, […]

Keeping it Classy at Work: Handwritten Notes.


I love receiving handwritten notes, don’t you? Getting a piece of mail that isn’t typed in a letter-sized envelope and has the address handwritten is the first thing to stand out in a stack of mail that includes large-size postcards with sale information, catalogs, and bills. Who is it from? What will it say? It’s […]

Tomato, Sliced Garlic, Basil & Mozzerella Pasta


Will was out of town last week, so I took full advantage and made a few recipes I knew he wouldn’t love, like this heirloom tomato pasta recipe from Plated. I ordered two of the meals this week (green goddess chicken and steak skewers! Yum, can’t wait!), but didn’t get this one delivered. Have you […]