Disney’s New iPad App, Mickey’s Magical Math World for Kids with Disney Imagicademy for Parents is a Must-Download.


From the moment I downloaded the new¬†Mickey’s Magical Math World, my child (4) was captivated by the game. Usually, he plays a game for a few minutes and then switches to another, or abandons sitting still altogether (usually when I’m nice and relaxed) and opts to bounce from the ottoman to the sofa, but this […]

An Easy French Toast Casserole with Berry Compote, Basically a Dessert Disguised as Fancy Brunch Food so it’s Acceptable to Eat for Breakfast.

Cream Cheese French Toast Casserole with Berry Compote

I’m pregnant. This is my excuse for waking up on Thanksgiving morning and deciding that a french toast casserole with berry compote was the thing I had to make for breakfast. Calories don’t count on Thanksgiving. I did what I always do and Googled “Easy French Toast Casserole with Berry Compote Recipe” and discovered a […]

Easy Hash Browns Cubed Recipe That Will Be Your New Excuse to Cook Breakfast on the Weekends.


I probably should NEVER admit this, because on the internet, we only mention chic restaurants that use locally-grown produce and serve trendy gourmet dishes like kale-infused egg white omelets, however, I’m a big fan of Bob Evans for breakfast. We do live in Myrtle Beach, and there is no shortage of pancake houses. The main […]

If life gives you lemons, may they always be perfectly sliced with the Williams-Sonoma multi chopper.


I collect kitchen gadgets and I’m really not what you would ever consider an avid cook. However, I walk into Williams-Sonoma, see something like this professional multi-chopper, and instantly daydream about how it will magically transform me into a master gourmet chef, wearing pearls with a stylish apron while sipping a glass of Cab in […]

Cancelling Cable for Roku to stream your favorite shows & movies: Give your family the gift of one less bill this year.

cancelling cable for roku

While you’re out spending your hard-earned money checking off the ever-growing items on Santa’s list, you may as well shift some of your budget to a gift the entire family can enjoy. Our 4 year old’s list has grown to the size to fill a standard Composition notebook, but we’re telling him that he can […]