Tasty & Easy Lunch Idea: Avocado Toast.

avocado toast

I’m always curious what people eat for snacks and lunches, so I quizzed my friend in Richmond while staying with her and she enlightened me on this snack / lunch and this is my new favorite for a few reasons: It’s tasty, I love avocados, and it’s really simple. Sidenote – a funny conversation with […]

A Visit to See Butterflies at Brookgreen.

Brookgreen visit

I’m solo this weekend. Will is on a trip to California texting me photos of dinners created by private chefs in vineyards, so it’s mother/son weekend. After listing all of the options, (play with friends at the pool, build sandcastles on the beach, see alligators at the state park, or visit Brookgreen), he chose “brookgreen” […]

A Time-saving Trick for Making Smoothies.

Green Smoothie

One of my friends had a brilliant time-saving trick for making smoothies, and it only takes about 5 minutes of weekly prep. Separate all of your smoothie ingredients into individual baggies and store them in the freezer, so when you’re bleary-eyed prior to your first cup of coffee in the morning, all you have to […]

Homemade Ice Cream & an Ice Cream Maker Giveaway


One healthy living book I read had great advice: eat what you want, but start with whole ingredients and make it yourself. So if you want ice cream, take the time to make it yourself with real ingredients, and it will be that much sweeter after you’ve made the effort. I have no idea what […]

Diet Bar Food.


Diet Bar Food? Could there be such a thing? Yes, and I can attest to the taste that these two recipes pair well with a good craft beer, and definitely don’t resemble diet food. Last week, I discovered SkinnyTaste.com, which is an incredible food blog with healthy, family-friendly recipes and I want to try them […]

Puzzle Mania


Puzzles are a big huge deal right now and he goes through them like a wrestler taking down an opponent: he just keeps going until the whole puzzle is assembled. Then, there is some sort of triumphant “I DID IT!” with fist pumps and we respond appropriately with claps and enthusiastic “GOOD JOB!!!”s (because really, […]

“Would you like to be Spider-Man?”


The answer to the question from the facepainter,”Would you like to be Spider-Man?” was a very enthusiastic “YES!!” As you can see, he was very pleased with the outcome, and ran off  jumping and kicking in the air like Spider-Man,  and had the following observations: When we called him Spider-Man, he corrected us and said […]