Snackeez Review – Is it worth it?


Have you seen the Snackeez commercial? If you’re an avid afternoon Nick Jr. watcher like my son is, you’ve probably seen the Snackeez commercial, which apparently has captivated the pre-schooler audience, judging from the comments on my Facebook and instagram posts, which my mom-friends all claimed their kids have been begging for one, too. I […]

Prepare for Halloween from your couch.


Happy Friday, ya’ll. It’s one week before Halloween! Are you ready for the big costumed sugar rush? If you’re one of the moms that hand-dips pretzels in melted green almond bark to create cool witch’s fingers (and my witch’s hats off to you, ladies, those things are seriously cool), you probably have your Halloween organized […]

The Quest for a Pineapple Chandelier.


While we were visiting The Greenbrier a few months ago, we stayed in a cottage that had a stunning pineapple chandelier and I embarked on an internet quest to find something similar. I love the whimsical flair of the leaves and the antique gold color. It’s sophisticated but not pretentious. A crystal chandelier would look […]

Baby Toys | Best Toys for 9-18 months

Baby Toys for 9 - 18 months

The quest to find toys to hold your child’s attention is never ending, and of course, you’d love your baby to learn, too! By 9 months, our little boy loved to play with toys, especially the exersaucer and anything that made noise. All of these toys make excellent first birthday gifts, too! Baby Playtime: Best […]